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Internet Live Codes
Living in the digital age means that you can think about what you want, find it online and have it in your hot little hands (or on your screen) literally within hours and often within minutes.

Global Clean Energy Corporation
The pace of Climate Change has accelerated as a direct result of human activities such as burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and certain farming methods.

ACCORD International

Accord International Advocates & Legal Consultants is a Dubai based law firm with a practice which is international in scope.


Since its inception, the firm has acquired an excellent reputation for providing legal services in a highly efficient and effective manner.

Global Clean Energy Fund
Provide investors with good capital growth potential over the medium to long term via investment in clean, sustainable and renewable energy projects and companies.

Global Charity Invest
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Nepal Services
Nepal Services is a nonprofit making nongovernmental organization (NGO) formally established in 2012 with the purpose of developing and implementing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects and Programs of Activities

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Dubai Expo 2020
The UK Support Group is initiative set up by UK Group and in Conjunction with European and UAE Professionals.

The Objective is to compliment the campaign of Dubai Expo 2020 as a potential candidate city.

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